Like a healthy crop, we can help
you grow a healthy business.
Make informed, strategic
decisions for your business

About Us

Farm Business consulting enables you to make informed, strategic decisions for your business. The same way an agronomist helps you grow healthy crops and an animal nutritionist helps you grow healthy livestock, farm business consultants help you grow a healthy business.


Primary Business consulting services can help you analyse opportunities to expand, reduce, split or merge your business, facilitate an effective family succession, facilitate meetings, apply for finance or government grants, analyse enterprise opportunities, reduce losses, increase profits, budget and plan more efficiently.

Our Services

  • Family or Business meeting facilitation
  • Business budgeting
  • Business performance analysis
  • Finance review
  • Finance restructure and loan application
  • Finance modelling
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Enterprise analysis
  • Family succession
  • Financial recording and reporting
  • Strategic business planning
  • Grant and fund applications
  • Financial understanding and control
  • Mediation
  • Project management

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